the-honey-hutch-giving-backThe Honey Hutch is a mission driven company that offers pure raw honey and body care products made from simple, ethically sourced, wholesome ingredients.   We believe in protecting our planet, keeping our products clean, pure and healthy.

My Time In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of those places that stole my heart. The people are so kind and the culture is so beautifully vibrant! The country is an untapped resource for apiculturists – the vegetation not only supports beekeeping but also helps with crop pollination and gives families an exciting business opportunity! While in Nicaragua, I had the opportunity to work with 10 families and 10 colonies in a community outside of Chinandega. The 10 colonies are kept on one families land but the 9 other families involved will share this space as one. Many people don’t own land, so it is very important to work as a community, and that they do! I met some of the most amazing individuals who not only opened their homes for me and graciously fed me, but also gave me a new perspective on life. We shared many laughs together and although we were stung a one point or another, together we succeeded in starting an apiary in Northern Nicaragua for future generations to come.  

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