Wildflower Honey


Wildflower Honey is a delicious and unique blend of nectars gathered from a variety of flowering trees, shrubs and flowers. This result is delectably sweet, medium flavored honey with floral hints and is perfect for sweetening tea, enjoying at breakfast or for adding wonderful flavor to your baked goods. Each jar of wildflower honey is hand poured and sealed with a gold cap at our Santa Rosa Beach, Florida headquarters. These one-of-a-kind labels are handmade in Louisiana with a decorative foil stamp and make a beautiful presentation on your countertop or as a gift!

About the beekeeper:
I am a third generation beekeeper. I have always wanted to work with my hands, be outside and give back to the Earth in some way – do something for the overall greater good! I love the natural benefits honey has to offer. 750 local bees flew over 55,000 miles and visited about 2 million flowers to produce just one pound of this honey. I extract it by hand and bottle it with love. I hope you savor every last drop! – Amy

Please note:
Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year. Honey may become crystallized (coarse or granulated) over time. Crystallization is the natural process in which liquid honey becomes solid. It is best to store honey at room temperature in a dry cupboard to avoid crystallization.

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