Amy Wright

I was born to love bees.

My beekeeping story began on Christmas Day, 1996. It was family tradition to spend Christmas in Pleasant Hill, Alabama – a sleepy country town. On Christmas morning, my grandparents gifted our family a set of beehives. This was a tradition that my grandfather wanted to pass down to us children because his grandfather had given him beehives when he was little. The hives were intended for us grandchildren but my dad really took over and was hooked. Our family became hobby beekeepers after that. 

The idea of turning a family tradition into a business materialized when I was visiting my dad at UAB hospital after he had undergone bypass surgery. I was living in North Carolina at the time and we learned that the hospital used honey for wound care. It was an aha moment, I suddenly knew what I should be doing for a career. I always loved the outdoors and working with my hands. It was opportunity to get back to where I was from and work along side my dad. 

In 2013, I opened the Honey Hutch. The name came from a china hutch on my parents front porch where we would sell our honey by an honor system, we always called it “the Honey Hutch”.